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One reliable institute that provides a range of credit cards keeping in view different needs of customers, Capital One Bank! Whether you need to boost your credit score or simply get a good credit card with an average score, or perhaps you wish to enjoy perks and benefits of maintaining an excellent score, Capital One has you covered and we will show you how in this Reviews. – At a Glance

If you are just setting foot on credit-building journey by getting your first credit card then Getmyoffer Capital One is a great place to start. The bank provides a range of cards with different features depending on the category of customers that they are offered to.

Nonetheless, there are some common benefits that most cards at this platform carry. For example, majority of the cards here do not have an annual fee. You can also become eligible for credit limit increase just after 5 months of using the card responsibly.

Note! Getmyoffer CapitalOne also holds a compatible mobile app that supports online banking. You can also use it to find out about new credit cards offers, avail a variety of discounts and much more!

Capital One also offers protection against fraud. You can contact the customer support service right away to report a missing or stolen credit card. Following this, you would not be held accountable for unauthorized transactions made via your credit card. Reviews – What Customers Think About These Credit Cards

It never hurts to run a quick background check before applying for a credit card. In fact, reviews from previous customers can be very helpful in showing what the card offers and what it lacks.

In the sections below, we will take you through some reviews and what customers from around the US have to say about this one.

Merits is a completely legit site that has handed over credit cards to millions of users around the US. In this regards, Jed 2 has advised on a review forum that,

“It’s probably legit. If you don’t trust that link, you can go to , select Credit Cards, and the click Respond to Mail Offer.” reviews also highlight that the bank has given considerable chances to those in need even if they had a poor credit score. Since Capital One hosts a range of credit cards, users will be able to find many options that are open to those with weak credit history.

Larry praised this feature and commented on her experience saying,

“I had just started applying for a credit card with an average score and Capital One was the first bank to approve me. Not only that, their card helped me improve my credit score. It has been 5 years and not once have I considered closing my account with them.”

Additionally, Capital One is very keen to take care of any fraudulent issues that the customers face. It offers protection against theft and identity misuse.

One customer had shared his experience in the following words,

“I had a problem with fraud twice and Capital One never hesitated to help me. They corrected my situation with no hesitation. I appreciate Capital One and will continue to do business with them. I will also encourage others to try them as well.”


Unfortunately, the services offered by Capital One are not without its flaws and drawbacks. For example, some users are not quite satisfied by the customer support service.

Reviewing this, Deborah had commented,

“Capital One mishandled my dispute and due to their advice on how to proceed I lost $943.68 from a vendor for a service that was never provided. Capital One never returned calls or followed up and did not keep accurate notes. “

Other than this, APR is also quite high for some credit cards. This means that you will be paying considerable extra charges if you do not clear the payments on time. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on due dates and make sure that all the bills are paid before you incur interest fees. Reviews and Customer Support Service

As we have mentioned before, Capital One Bank provides one of the best customer support service in the US. You can immediately contact their support team in case you need help with card application, or wish to report any other issue.

Here are few quick methods of getting in touch with the bank’s representatives:

  • For a quick response, call at their toll-free number 1-800-655-2265.
  • If you own a non-branch account, you can contact on 1-888-810-4013.
  • The number for reporting a stolen or a missing card is 1-804-967-1000.

Other than this, you can get in contact by E-mail at

Note! You can also write to the bank for general correspondence at the address: Capital One Bank P.O. Box 180 St Cloud, MN 56302-0180.

What’s The Final Note On Reviews?

Pre-approved mail offers from can be of huge help especially if you were already thinking of applying for a credit card. It improves your chances of getting your hands on a credit card from one of the best banks in the US.

As reviews show, it has a little something for everyone. From credit-rebuilding cards for those who have a poor score to rewards credit card for excellent credit score holders, the bank has you covered!

We hope that reviews helped you grasp a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a card, its pros, cons, and how you should use it for ideal results. We would love to go through your remarks so feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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