Capital One Platinum Reviews | Check If It Is Legitimate or Scam?

Imagine finding a credit card that charges no annual fee yet provides a solid support for improving your credit score fast. Enough of a catch? Maybe yes but with Capital One Platinum Reviews, we will show you how this one can do much more than just that!

Capital One Platinum – At a Glance

Capital One Platinum credit card comes with no annual fee and a variety of other perks you just won’t be able to say not to.

For example, the card provides automatic increase in credit line after you have been a cardholder for just 5 months. Other than that, you would also have complete coverage in case the card is stolen or goes missing.

Although you need at least a fair credit score to apply for this one, having a good credit history may let you get away with it and give you a chances to apply for card successfully with less-than-average credit score as well.

Luckily, the card also does not charge any foreign transaction fee. It is also free of penalty APR in case you are late with monthly payments.

Note! Owning a Platinum card also gets you free access to Credit-Wise. This is an app that lets you monitor your credit profile without any additional charges.

Currently, the card charges an ongoing APR of 26.99%. Pretty high? We agree but you can avoid it by making sure all your due payments are cleared before the billing cycle ends.

That’s not all! There is so much more to talk about that would help you decide whether this card is the right choice for you or not. Let’s have a look!

Capital One Platinum Reviews – What Customers Think About This Credit Card

It never hurts to run a quick background check before applying for a credit card. In fact, reviews from previous customers can be very helpful in showing what the card offers and what it lacks.

In the sections below, we will take you through some pros and cons of Capital One Platinum credit card and what customers from around the US have to say about this one.


One of the best part about choosing Capital One Platinum card is that it provides plentiful features for credit rebuilding. Its a card that reports to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. So with a good payment history, the 3 major bureaus would present the information on your report and boost your overall credit score.

Consequently, a good report means you would qualify for increased credit line. In fact, Capital One Platinum card is one of the credit cards that allow credit limit increase just after few months. In this regard, a happy customer shared his reviews saying,

“I was approved several months after my bankruptcy. Might only have $300 credit limit. I have been paying the card several times a month to keep my balance low. Pay on time and use responsibly. I do plan on seeing if I can get a credit increase after 6 months as promised by the bank.”

Other than that, Platinum credit card is an amazing choice if you want to steer clear of all the additional fees. Although the card does not offer any rewards, it is a sure bet that it won’t make you worry about “unexpected” charges as well.

There is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, and on top of that you get to enjoy auto rental insurance, price protection, warranty coverage, accident insurance, travel assistance, and roadside assistance! What more could we ask for?

Another good news for the customer who are not comfortable with the billing cycle initiating at the start of the month. You can now choose the monthly due date yourself. This gives you the opportunity of setting a date that coincides with the day you get your paycheck.

Praising this offer, a customer has commented on Credit Karma,

“I have had no problems using the card anywhere. Was approve instantly it arrived in the two weeks they said it would. They even adjusted my due date. For my convenience”

We are sure that by now you will be comfortable opting for this card offered by Capital One. Furthermore, this bank is completely reliable when it comes to safeguarding their customer’s personal information and providing an impeccable customer support service.

Liam had commented on this saying,

“Capital One is a great company. I have a car loan with C1 and now a credit card. Customer Service to resolve any issues.”

Another used on the same platform added,

“I got this surprisingly by having establishing myself with a Capone secured card. Score was 570 weird odds of of approval on credit karma was poor so I took the chance. I applied got instant approval took 2wks to get the card good service thx capital one.”


Unfortunately the card does not offer any rewards. Perhaps this is one of the biggest drawback to Capital One Platinum credit card as many customers don’t seem to be attracted at all by the plastic that provide no cashback or bonus points.

A customer shared her concerns on Credit Karma saying,

“I was happy that my application for Capital One Platinum card was approved but I have to confess, there is no major catch here since the card does not offer any rewards.”

Other than that, the ongoing APR of 26.99% is also quite high. In fact, it is much more as compared to some other affordable cards in the market. A disappointed cardholder has reviews this drawback while commenting,

“My main concern is the high interest rates and the unwillingness of Capital One Credit Card to lower my personal and business card rates. This hurts especially during these uncertain times.”

Capital One Platinum Reviews and Customer Support Service

As we have mentioned before, Capital One Bank provides one of the best customer support service in the US. You can immediately contact their support team in case you need help with card application, or wish to report any other issue.

Here are few quick methods of getting in touch with the bank’s representatives:

  • For a quick response, call at their toll-free number 1-800-655-2265.
  • If you own a non-branch account, you can contact on 1-888-810-4013.
  • The number for reporting a stolen or a missing card is 1-804-967-1000.

Other than this, you can get in contact by E-mail at

Note! You can also write to the bank for general correspondence at the address: Capital One Bank P.O. Box 180 St Cloud, MN 56302-0180.

What’s The Final Note On Capital One Platinum Reviews?

Undoubtedly, Capital One Platinum is an ideal choice for customer with average credit score. There are not many option available when it comes to credit card that provides high credit limits, no foreign transaction fee, travel-related advantages, and the freedom of getting it with less-than-perfect score.

Although this card is a disappointment when talking about “earning rewards”, it could be your way to a better score. That would ultimately make you eligible for some of the best reward credit cards.

We hope these Capital One Platinum reviews would help you make up your mind about this credit card. Do you think its worth being in your wallet? Let us know in the comments below!

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